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DBis profile - why register?
why register?
If you're wondering why you should submit some information to the DBinfosource - let me try to explain why.  Prior to the log-in feature being implemented into this site - user information was simply saved to every user's computer using cookies.  That system was ripe for abuse, and there were times when someone would post as someone else.  So, the first reason for implementing the log-in was to help eliminate poster-impersonation.  Having the log-in feature also brings along added benefits beyond that.  The first should be rather useful for those who visit the site from multiple computers.  If you read posts from separate computers - messages read on one will show up as read on the other (as long as you log-in on each computer).  The second benefit - which I am currently working on - will be the addition of a private messaging system.  This will allow users to send messages back and forth without worrying about giving out your email address.  But I'm giving the infosource my email address...you might be asking.  Let me assure you that your email address will not be used for anything other than what is specified when you sign up.  That is to email you your password if you forget it, and you have the option to have your email address show up in your posts.  Other than that - the log-in feature should make your DBis experience more user friendly.  More or less, this log-in feature is little more than what was already in place - only this system is more secure.  If you experience problems with the log-in procedure - don't hesitate to email me (my email address is at the bottom of this page).  Also - if you have a problem with the idea of having a log-in, please email those thoughts along to me as well.  The DBis is always in the "tweak" stage - so all comments are always welcomed.



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