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David Baerwald and Paindrome Floating Band - Hurly Burly


CD Cover

 Track listing
1 - Suicide Connie
2 - The Game Show
3 - Oedipal Blues
4 - Cocktail Twins
5 - Mambo Phallistico
6 - The Trouble With Women
7 - Black Mamba Kiss
8 - Ahh, My Baby
9 - I Don't Know The Code
10 - A Prisoner's Dream
11 - Petra's Ultratheme (A Small Resurrection)

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 Recording Information
The first full length soundtrack from David Baerwald, this CD was released in late 1998 as the soundtrack to the movie of the same name. The CD was re-released in 2002.



A review of A Prisoner's Dream from Hurly Burly posted by messybear on 2/25/2010
A review of Suicide Connie from Hurly Burly posted by ded on 7/10/2009
A review of Hurly Burly posted by ded on 7/10/2009
A review of Mambo Phallistico from Hurly Burly posted by messybear on 6/19/2009
A review of Petra's Ultratheme (A Small Resurrection) from Hurly Burly posted by messybear on 5/21/2007
A review of I Don't Know The Code from Hurly Burly posted by Kent Daniel Bentkowski on 4/29/2004
When I had recently pulled out Hurlyburly to listen to it again, I had forgotten how hauntingly beautiful this acoustic instrumental is. Here, the Rolling Stones influence is felt, with this song right at home on any early 1970's Stones album. The title of the song is borrowed from one of the film's best lines, delivered by Chaz Palemteri's character Phil, a struggling actor who is battling urges to commit domestic violence.

What I also love about this song is the understated layering of the instruments, intertwined with a mornful blues guitar solo.

A moving arrangement, among the artist's all-time best, a must-hear track!

KDB = Buffalo, NY USA
A review of Hurly Burly posted by Kravitz on 2/1/2003
Up to this point I always thought of DB as a great songwriting and a pretty darned good guitarist. After hearing this album I began to realize just how skilled and artistic he is in really fitting music to a film. This albums features a lot of different musical instruments from what appear in his other work. The female vocalists on this album are awesome - their voice matches the mood of the movie nicely.

This soundtrack has new versions of two songs from A Fine Mess - A Prisoner's Dream and Black Mamba Kiss. I think both are much improved over the earlier recordings. For some reason the track listing on the cd is wacked, with Black Mamba Kiss and Ahh My Baby reversed.

The movie is really good as well. Typical great performances from Sean Penn and Kevin Spacey, and surprising ones from Gerry Shandling and Meg Ryan. The DVD has some interviews after the film, including a few comments from DB about making the music.

Hopefully if David is going to do more film work, it will be of this level and intensity, and not some ditty for a frickin rat.


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